Presentation and Criticism

Salena starts specializing with murals 10 years ago after her journey to India where she painted her first wall painting, which you can view on this page. Since then she's been working with murals in many European countries, and in USA. She mostly follow her customers taste and she blend the mural with the house style. Murals can be done indoor or outdoor on your yard wall or kids room or around your fireplace, or to create a "window" looking into a beautiful view, or to enlarge a space, to bring colors into a dark corner or to add an exotic taste to your home. Salena developed a unique style that brought her to expose her art work in Holland Italy England and USA.

The style of her paintings is completely different from her murals. Lately she become very inspired by the ancient tribal feeling of Arizona and the native people's old art, the petroglyph symbols and symbology in general, and the sacred messages from the rocks that she's being collecting in different grounds of the planet and used in her paintings along with many other media to offer the spirit of this ancient art revisited in a contemporary way.

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