Alessandra Sestili
Alessandra Sestili

These four designs are part of a collection of twelve works, which is titled "Creature". Some were drawn at different times from the beginning to the mid-nineties. They are hallucinations \ shiny visions of various moments of life, feelings, states of mind, ideologies.

Alessandra Sestili:

tecnica mista su carta (pastello, china)
cm 33 x 47
Inside and outside the Framework
"Inside and outside the Framework" 
tecnica mista su carta (china, acquerello)
cm 24 x 33
Ashes to Ashes
"Ashes to Ashes"
tecnica mista su carta (china, pennarello, pastello)
cm 33 x 47
tecnica mista su carta (pastello, china)
cm 47 x 33
Life (The Observers) - Decalogo 8.0
Life (The Observers)" - Decalogo 8.0
tecnica mista su carta (china, pastelli, acquarelli)
cm 33 x 48

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