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Year: 1994. Location: Rome. Original Size: 110 x 140 cm.
Photographic Technique: multi-exposure. Print: Colour Cibachrome CPS.
Number of copies: 1/1. Total number of photographs: 6. Price for each photograph: € 6.000
Notturni is a study on the creative potential of the dark. A place which is totally flooded with light is completely transparent; it has no secrets left to reveal. A place enveloped in darkness maintains infinite creative possibilities which are defined and brought out every time the place is crossed by a ray of light. On the basis of this idea it is possible to obtain, on the same frame, composite images, made up of objects and places which are either independent or correlated with one another. The research, composed of six photographs, is a series of still life pictures. Each of these is arranged, in its entirety, before any of the pictures are taken; then the set, which is immersed in darkness, is gradually revealed by a succession of single strokes of light, appropriately calibrated and directed, and fixed on the film at successive time intervals.

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