Carlo Maria Causati

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Year: 1989/1992. Location: Rome. Original Size: 176 x 286 cm in 200 x 300 cm.
Print: on canvas using the scanachrome system. Number of copies: 1/1.
Total number of images: 10 photo-paintings. Price for each photo-painting: € 10.000
With this piece the artist reaches the synthesis of his research into the fourth dimension: space-time.
The image, obtained by physically cutting two adjacent frames, simultaneously presents both times and places in the past and future, whilst the new frame thus obtained constitutes, in its entirety, the "new present".
A fundamental element of this image is the presence within it of the black scansion of the inter-frame. This acquires for the artist a metronometric value.

......With his Ovile Carlo Maria Causati offers us a complete work of art in which the photograph is capable not only of documenting the "phenomenal", but also of representing the "noumenal"; the metaphysical essence which differentiates things from one another and the awareness of which can give the beholder a sense of dignified individuality. (Achille Bonito Oliva)

Ideally Ovile should be displayed within a labyrinth whose external walls measure 24 x 24m, with corridors which are 3 metres wide and walls which are 3 metres high. While the labyrinth appears at first sight to be made of a single canvas, it is in fact possible to walk freely through its walls, both internal and external, using the openings situated at every three metres.

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