Carlo Maria Causati

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Year: 1983 - Print: 2001. Original Size: 130 x 150 cm.
Photographic Technique: plotter print on canvas.
Number of copies: 3/3. Total number of photographs: 8. Price for each photograph: € 3.500
When looking at a photograph, we do not always think of the importance of the negative, and, likewise, when we think of life, we do not always reflect on death, which is its counterbalance. Starting from this thought, this work on positive-negative/life-death parallelism seeks to underscore the negative as an essential source for photography, in which the print is only a mask. In these images, life casts a final, grotesque glance at us, a violent wink, before disappearing into nothingness.

From a review by Gabriele Perretta
(…) If we look more carefully at the present, we see that post-conceptual photography, which has moved in a more objective direction than that of Cibulka, has produced two lines within this form of figuration – the rigor of an A. Serrano or a R. Gligorov on the one hand, and the pictorialist epilogue of a work concerning the animal body, such as that of Causati, on the other. Although it presents itself as the final act of a drama of killing and of the denouement of a brutal plot that describes the fate “of the wreckage”, this kind of epilogue attempts to turn its fitful gaze on those shreds of animal that the meat industry sets aside, giving a tragic and chromatic sense to the head of an ox (…) The bits photographed by Causati are those parts that are difficult to use after the slaughter. Thus, for symbolic defect, they become transformed into a sort of photographic analogy with the positive/negative of the techniques of shooting and fixing the image; a substrate, wreckage from the drama that feeds on melancholy and realism(…)

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