These are the main websites built by David Cirese:


Virtual space for art and communication
Italian art network, online since 1996, one of the first art portal in Italy. 400/500 daily visitors (March 2001)

Your eye on the web
Directory and guide to the best international sites and the most useful services. Thousands of sites reviewed in dozens of categories. 600/700 daily visitors (March 2001)

Photography, education, technique, culture, profession
A directory of photographic resources for students and professional photographers: tutorials, manuals, courses and lessons, datasheets and technical information, articles, books and other information about photography.
Guide and Tutorial for Online Promotion
How to promote websites and webpages with search engines and directories. Infos, search engines descriptions, meta tag help and more.
Free promotion for the arts
Tutorial for artists, photographers, galleries and other art related jobs: web tools, services and informations to promote art related websites.
Cirese's Website
Arts, Potography, Web Design and Internet services

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