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Sol LeWitt
Variations of Incomplete Open Cube

The Cleveland Museum of Art

September 22-December 30, 2001

The cube is one of the most basic geometric forms. Boxes of all sizes, crystals, and many industrially manufactured objects reflect its simple design. It is a form that has become so familiar that we often look past it to focus on what might be in it, or on it, or perhaps we never notice it at all. In the 1960s, Sol LeWitt began to investigate the cube, which has become an essential element in his artistic language. LeWitt's varied use of the cube continues today, but in 1973 he began quite literally to take the cube apart. 


The Cleveland Museum of Art 
11150 East Boulevard 
Cleveland, Ohio 44106

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POSTERS: Sol Lewitt

Sol Lewitt in Italia, Bruno Corà, Mauro Panzera, Maschietto Editore, 1998

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