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00135 - Rome, Italy 
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Besides this site I manage a large network which is visited by thousands of daily visitors, so I receive hundreds of email every day, and I can't answer to all your requests.

Please contact me only for very important questions, and follow these simple instructions:

  • If you need general information about photography and photo techniques, do not send email: I manage a directory of photo tutorials (PhotoMonitor) so try to search it, or try to post your question in the Forum I manage on NeT-ArT.it
  • If you want to buy a photograph, a limited edition print, reproduction rigths to publish the images, or you want to commit a job to David Cirese, please visit the Shopping area.
  • I do not tolerate spammig. It is absolutely forbidden to send advertising messages, mass emailing and every other spam activity and violation of netiquette.

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You can also find me at:
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